Healthy before Sexy: why you should not shortchange your health


Your health should be your number one priority

Sooooooo a few months back having been intimidated out of my skull by two of my Facebook friends (their collective muscle mass can be used to lay the foundation of a duplex I swear!) I went into a work out high. Push ups, crunches were the order of the day and for weeks I kept up with them.

Now to their credit, the pushups and sit ups actually worked. Worked very well in fact (no more squinting to see abs!) but I found out that I started having this nagging lower back pain. Being the not so bright person that I am who can’t put 2 and 2 together to make 5 (ahem), I paid little mind to it, rubbed some Aboniki and went on my lonesome. So you can imagine my surprise when I read an article from another friend of mine called  Dr Charles Uzor (another source of major intimidation and angst) on Fitnessnaija (check out their website it is awesome!) where he pointed out that doing these exercises were actually hurting my lower back and in time could lead to some serious back problems and herniated discs


Well I may not be the brightest bulb in the bunch (my brain seems to be on half current most of the time) but if there is one thing I know, it is how horrendous back pain is and thus with maximum alacrity and minimum English I ceased from them exercises (I have recently picked up planking and I hope for the best)

So why all this story? Well if you look below you will see a saying of mine that goes “Healthy before Sexy. Not after” What this means is this: In all your fitness and beauty goals, always keep your health as first priority. Please take the time to make sure that the diets, work out routines and whatever else you are indulging in is not some double edged sword or (allow me to blow grammar here) some Mephistophilic covenant (Governor Patrick how do you do this?) that will take away your more while eventually leaving you with less than before

There are lots of health fads and routines out there and not all are what they seem. So please take your time, do the research and ask questions before you put your leg into any. Don’t get caught up in that hot before and after Instagram or Facebook picture because behind all the slay, the likes and the CHISOS! AYAM CUMMING!! comments there might just be a very strained body that is barely holding itself together

See eh… dem no dey put beautiful corpse on People/Genevieve Magazine cover!

Be guided

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Thank you for reading!


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