Dude, That’s So Racist! Teen Vogue Magazine Receives Backlash After Publishing African Hairstyles On White & Bi-Racial Models

African Hairstyles? I'll let you judge

Apparently, there’s a whole kerfuffle kicking off in the States about the fact that Vogue magazine is in yet another racist scandal (it’s like they LOOK for trouble!). This time it’s Teen Vogue doing a feature on ‘African Hairstyles’ and the closest they got to an African model is  a mixed race girl.

African Hairstyles? I’ll let you judge

Fashionghana.com covers this story and the blogger can seem to find anything wrong with this for the following reasons. I’ll do bullet-points, but you can read her article here http://bit.ly/1Gu5CFq:

  1. At least the bi-racial girl is real and this remains a Rachel Dolezal-free zone.
  2. We do weaves and extensions, why can’t a white woman sport Afro-reminiscent hair?
  3. We should be happy other people are embracing our culture.
  4. Don’t be mad; create your own magazine!
  5. If you’re not going to take any decisive action – legal or otherwise, then don’t moan because marketers merely use the racist slant as another means of garnering media attention.

Folks, what’s your take on her thoughts? I personally think that you can sew 72″ Yaki on your head, if there were to be a feature on European hairstyles, they wouldn’t be using Shekinatu, nor would they use Chinyere regardless of how many tubs of Whitenecious she uses.

But hey, you know my clarion cry, right? Let’s put Black money behind Black businesses!

Thoughts on a postcard, if you would…

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