Dumbing Yourself Down To Get A Man by Funke Phillips


Our Amazon, resident trouble maker, and all-round non-nonsense columnist Funke Phillips is back with another article – this time on the lengths some women will go to in order to get and keep a man.

I read the article and I have my own thoughts on this. Play dumb, fine. Get your man, great stuff. But now you have to live with this man and your brain cells are screaming for release. Day after day; year after year. You’ll probably be left with no choice but to shoot yourself eventually. That or vodka.

But what’s my own? Read the story here:


I’ve seen instances where an intelligent woman would dumb herself down because she doesn’t want to appear too knowledgeable to men and it always surprises me. Why would you want to appear like you’re nothing more than just a pretty face? Especially when you are definitely more than just a pretty face. It really makes zero sense to me and I’ve never understood it. Which brings me to the erroneous view that men do not like ‘smart’ women. I have been told severally that smart women intimidate men and men don’t like to be intimidated. I believe this is pure bollocks….


Oooshey! You know it’s on and popping when you hear “bollocks”! Read the rest of the article here >>>

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