Dwayne Johnson Tyrese Gibson beef: Roman issues Fast & Furious 9 ultimatum


Dwayne Johnson Tyrese Gibson beef: someone needs to have a word with Tyrese. Is this not village problem? No matter how you might feel, why would you mess with your coins? When you get to the stage where you’re threatening producers “You can either have me in your movie, or The Rock, but not both,” you need to have a word with yourself.

Sure, we unlooked his madness when he had anti-Black-women rants; we figured we were not looking onto him for the deeper meanings of Dalai Lama’s teachings. We also figured any woman who messed with him going forward did so at her own risk. He stuck a Buyer Beware sign on his neck, and we were cool with that.

But to have (a largely one-sided) beef with one of the most bankable stars right now? And certainly one of the most important players in the Fast & Furious franchise? Who does that?? Tyrese, apparently:

Sigh. He thinks Vin Diesel (who, we hear, also has personal beef with The Rock) might also join him in his stand. I think he’s wrong. Because people who are not being chased by their village people do not caper with coinage.

The Dwayne Johnson Tyrese Gibson beef apparently stems from his fears that the latter actor’s planned spin-off film, Hobbes, will delay production of Fast 9, and, more importantly, his paycheck for Fast 9. It is no secret that Gibson might have some financial issues as his wrangles out a settlement with his ex-wife. He is currently in a legal battle with his ex-wife over custody of their daughter.

Which begs the question: why toy with your bread and butter? I’ma pray for you, son.

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