Even with the Buhari’s health failing, Nigerians would rather discuss anything else!

Buhari health - before and after

Which should concern us more: Kim Kardashian’s failing backside or Buhari’s health and the failing health of our nation? It seems a lot of Nigerian are more concerned about the horrible pictures of Kim’s butt that have flooded the internet. This may be the only way to draw our attention to something else that is failing. It is no longer news that Sahara reporters published reports that our own amiable Bubu has been unable to eat and drink. This news is as disheartening as it is a major cause for concern. This great nation is failing on her promises to bring us together; Nigeria’s health is at stake.

For how long will we go on this merry-go-round, we ask? Just when we thought it was time to forgive the 50-day disappearance of our beloved president, he returns to the country and moves into hiding.

It seems like we are not as alarmed by this cycle as we should be. This instability in political and economic leadership hurts us. We are not sure which is worse: the vapid interest Kim’s backside or the fact that our hopes of some stability are being dashed yet again.

This may sound like satire but the gravity of this situation should not be passed off as a joke. Nigeria has been in this topsy turvy for over a year, we are delicately on the brink of a major melt down. These are times for deep reflections. We should start to envisage the manipulations and political games that must be going on. Nigerians need to wake up and be smart. We cannot continue to be fooled by the “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. These false realities that continue to blind us to the tricks of old, wrinkled men should stop!

In recent news, the founding National Chiarman of APC has expressed similar fear, that some political lords are playing on this instability. It is time for Nigerians to decisively say No to these games, we need to put an end to this and decide our own fate.

We need to stop picking sick leaders, we need to stop picking sides of the old and powerful. It is time to put a stop to this rat race, this mirage of dreams promised by ruling parties. If only we would see the need to come together, us, the masses and the down trodden. Let’s choose the future of our children over the devices of the powerful and strong, let’s discard the news and forget the ethnic differences for once.

We need to make a change. Yes, we need to make something truly different.

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  1. But he too is not discussing his health Na. Nigerians have no information whatsoever on his health status and we like to talk. So instead of our mouths to smell waiting for baba to tell us what’s up with him, we’ll talk about the ratio of Kim’s bum to her thigh

    • This is true! Everything is speculations! He won’t tell us so hard to sympathise. Same thing Yardua did that he called for his impeachment. I can’t help you if you won’t let me in!

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