Exhausts and Flames: When people keep being stupid


One day my dad drove home from work in his red Mercedes. I can’t recall how old I was then but I do recall something extra stupid I did that day that I was never going to try again. Or so I told myself.

All that time when I’d see cars on the road and their exhausts I’d want to go and touch it to see if it felt hot. Don’t ask me why I thought that was a good idea or what even gave me the thought in the first place.

I sha did it that day.
Was it hot?
Did the thing pain me?
Let me put it this way; you know how hot oil spits out from the pan when you’re frying stuff and it makes you dance shakiti bobo when it touches you? Multiply that by several thousand and spread it all over your palm.

Who send me?!

Why the whole palm? Well that’s because the exhaust pipe demon that as pushing me that day asked me to grasp the entire pipe with my hand and I obeyed with great joy.

Nobody tell me.
Ah nobody tell me, I swear.
I screamed and danced. I ran upstairs and threw my hand into water. No, that’s not entirely correct. I tried to rip my hand off and throw it into water, but since it refused to come off (thank you Jesus for making me think I can actually cut off my hand for leading me into sin…) I ran to a tap and stuck my hand there. I ran water over it but the pain didn’t go away. It didn’t for ages.

I didn’t learn my lesson so I repeated it not long after. This time I took a nail, stuck it in a candle flame for a while and then “crushed” it between two fingers of the same right hand I used to play with exhaust.

The most stupid part is I KNEW it would be hot and harm me. I was so clear on it I even used two pieces of wood to hold the nail firmly and place it over the candle flame for ages before doing it.

You see how oderitism was doing me those days atink?

How can someone foolishly play with their hand once and seeing the damage it did, reattempt it on a other scale? Won’t someone be asking you at a point whether to die is hungering you? The worst part is I didn’t tell anyone of these two adventures.

I knew I’d been foolish but I didn’t say anything. I was fiaring that I would chop cane that would only add to my pain. Perhaps if I’d chopped cane the first time I wouldn’t have tried to touch a heated nail.

Sometimes I meet people who play this kind of rough play with their hearts and lives. This desperation to be in a relationship like others or be married pushes them to make the craziest of mistakes.

Someone has just left an abusive or draining relationship and then without taking the time to assess what went wrong, heal up and move on to something better they jump into another of a different scale or form and yet it is the same kind of worthless one.

I used to be one of those who would rush and say oh men or women are such bad people till I began to realize that for someone to be entering the same kinda of bad/dangerous relationship over and again that person has issues they need to sort out. Don’t blame the bad boys and girls.
They are bad.
Na dia life.
Is it good? No.
Should they change? Yes.
But you need to sit down and ask yourself two questions.

1. Why are you so hungry/desperate for love and a relationship you don’t look before you leap and,
2. Why do you keep ending up with the same kind of people or different kinds of bad ones?

If some of you would take the time to think, learn and also have good friends around that would tell you not to touch exhaust pipes and hot nails, maybe just maybe the next story would be better.

That’s if you even listen because let’s face it, some of us have done stupid things, got caught, disciplined and warned by our parents but still went ahead to try it or something else of equal or more stupidity.

Listen, Learn and Grow

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