Falz making the trumpets blow on ‘Chardonnay Music’ ft. Chyn, Poe [WATCH VIDEO]

Falz - Chardonnay Music ft Poe and Chyn

Falz is on a winning streak – make no mistake about it. But you would be foolhardy to think any of the fame and glamour is by accident. Chardonnay Music is just another sign that the man may speak with an uneducated accent, but that’s where the fun and games end.

The man is not here to play. His ambition and climb to the top are not joking sturves. He may not have continued on the path to practising law, but there is no doubt that he brought everything he learnt to play in his entertainment career. Analysis, deliberate actions, tactical partnerships: Falz turned a funny phrase into a few million.

Chardonnay Music ft Poe and Chyn is another proof of his talent. I would possibly say that Poe’s rap was the best, but the arrangement is definitely quintessential Falz. The trumpets speak of sophisticated turn-up. There are honeys in the video, yes, but these ain’t your ordinary girls. You would need certain trappings of Lagos life to holla at these chicas. It’s all very grown up and adult. I have to say – I like it!

Before you jump all over me saying that I like everything Falz does, please read my review on Bahd Baddo Baddest. Two out of three of my favourite artistes at the moment were on a song and I didn’t much care for it.

I am in love with this one though – mature groove lo ba de.

Do let us know what you think. Here is the video for Chardonnay Music ft Poe and Chyn. Enjoy!

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