Fidel Castro, Cuba’s Son and Long-term President Dies at 90


There are many people who criticised Fidel Castro’s half-century rule in Cuba. It is certainly fair to say that 50 years regime lacks what one might term a democracy; but I think it is impressive to be a leader by the strength of your convictions. I think the US did need to be defied. And I certainly feel that deals should be made only if they benefit the country making the deal.

I have said this phrase before and I will say it again: the United States of America is a locust. She eats of the fat of your land and then she spits you out; declaring YOU the enemy. She will never EVER bring a deal that will be beneficial to you. There is no country better off for having entered an arrangement or agreement with the USA. She is a locust.

If only for that reason, I celebrate Fidel Castro today, on the day of his death. Cuba has a long way to go, undoubtedly. There are reports on the dysfunction of the Castro family. The country suffers with poverty, lack and deprivation. I have read stories of corruption and tyranny. They are years behind in technology, trade, and innovation. But they are free. And there is a lot to be said for freedom.

That Donald Trump calls Castro a brutal dictator just kinda makes me like him all the more.

Cuba, Never Relent! Towards Victory, Always!

Fidel Castro with Che Guevara | © Getty Images
©BBC | Fidel Castro’s regime spanned TEN US presidents
The man, the passion, the fight.

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  • His revolution lost it’s lustre along the way like most revolutionaries but The US government basically sponsoring an assassination attempt on him is despicable.

    And yeah, Trump should sit his ass down

  • Don’t get me started on the disgraceful economic blockade placed on Cuba by the US government, even compelling other countries to follow suit or face consequences. Just so they can turn round and say “look how undeveloped the country is”
    Absolutely disgraceful

  • Just to add, they called Gadaffi a dictator because he stood his ground and made Libya a strong economy and kept the terrorist out. They invaded Libya in the name of democracy, well today we all know what Libya is like. The US should allow countries evolve their own system and democracy. Sustainable change is a gradual process.

  • I wrote elsewhere: there is no leader in the world without criticism or that enjoys 100% support. No country in the world that is devoid of poverty or deprivation. That Castro and Cuba survived with a hegemonic neighbour exerting massive pressure makes him a hero. The only reason the USA did not invade or bomb is because Castro knew he needed something or someone to stop them so he invited Russia. They couldn’t kill him, they tried. They couldn’t crush the people, they tried. The Cubans can celebrate a man with a vision and a plan despite the massive odds stacked against him.

  • Isn’t it ironic that there is poverty in the US today? Is it not also ironic that corruption is not far-fetched from the United States government?
    What about the fundamental rights of people of colour and minorities in the United States? The continual deliberate, and institution racism and killings of black men and women by the United States Department?
    When you point a finger at one, always be sure to look the way of the rest of your fingers pointed at you.
    Rest on #FidelCastro

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