Finally! The Feedio for FARGIN by TENI is out!

Teni - FARGIN Album Art

Teniola Apata is simply bae. She’s earthy, beautiful and smart. More importantly, it is clear that she understands her talent and the direction in which she wants to take it. Fargin by Teni has been my go-to song from the very first moment I heard it, and the newly-released video simply adds another layer to the love I feel for the song already.

I think the appeal for the song is…if we’re all gonna be honest, many Nigerian girls have heard similar lyrics before. Oh, the pressure to up the stakes – sometimes to levels you are uncomfortable with – just to please your man. Of course, the other appeal is Teni herself – you just love her right off the screen, fabulous gal!

It makes sense for the video to be Nigerian in every ramification: the rural vistas, the shy girl, the gently pressuring young man. Oh, and the attention to detail! Teni’s dimples when he flatters her. The sinews on the dancers’ skin. Adasa Cookey outdid himself on this video, I feel.

Fargin byTeni - video
©YouTube | Things that make Viva Naija happy: Beautiful, Nigerian, and detailed.

But what’s a song about virginity without a little moral lesson inserted? Teniola stood her ground even though her heart would break, and her boo came back, sorry that he’d pressured her and promised to wait. Awwww!

So, all’s well that ends well. I will say this though – do not try this at home, ladies. That probably ain’t his cousin; he’s probably given the other chick the necklace; and he may beg you…after he’s back from Suliat ile okan.

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