Hilarious KKK video highlights the problem with racism

Racism and prejudice

This spoof video shows how a KKK meeting completely falls apart as some of the members start to think about black people they actually do not hate and the leader is having a hard time trying to keep them on the path of true hatred.

At first, I just laughed because it was funny and also because…wait, John Cusack? What did he ever do to anyone?

But the more I thought about the video I thought “Hmmm…there is so much truth to this.”

Racism, sexism, tribalism, prejudice…any kind of blanket hatred just for the sake of it is simply a function of closed-mindedness. If you open your heart for a minute, you will see a million examples of humanity and goodness in that very group you detest that will make you rethink your hate.

The world is full of powerful women; good, sensitive men; amazing people who also happen to be members of the LGBT community; excellent black people; compassionate white people; and wonderful Muslims.
Racism and prejudice

Matter of fact, the more I muse about this this Monday morning, I’m left with the conclusion that love, tolerance and respect for your fellow man is the only thing that will get us out of this sorry mess that we’ve created for ourselves.

Love everything, love everyone.

Except the Kardashians. I can’t deal with them at all.

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