Iberibe Youths, Not Igbo youths by Mcginger Ibeneme


My name is Mcginger Ibeneme. I am Igbo. I was born in the sleepy hamlet of Elengum Orio in Elugwu Akwu Achi. It was few years after the Nigeria civil war. Growing up, I was taught the virtues of honesty, honest labour, respect for the elders and traditions.

Reputation meant everything to any real Igbo. Community frowned at any form of oppression, intimidation of the weak or cutting of corners. The worst offense was theft. It was a Taboo. Thieves were summarily ostracised and their families excommunicated from the community. That was the seriousness of the act.

I grew up in a community manned by elders. Hard work was adored but honest labour was extolled. The reward for such virtues was chieftaincy titles. We didn’t initially have kings. Igbo didn’t tolerate any form of domination. We had elders and nobles, they governed the land in a most democratic manner. Truth was sacred.

Igbo language was scanty and lacking plenty semantics. Something was either white or black. We didn’t have other colours. Something was either Yes or No. We didn’t have “however, hitherto, nevertheless, probably, moreover,” etc.

We also had politicians back then. But even they too were upright. Zik was. Ojukwu was. Akanu Ibiam was. BC Okwu was. Nwafor Orizu was.

1999 return to civil rule in Nigeria threw up a lot of charlatans and political criminals. Conspiracy theory has it that PDP recruited the very worst of Igbo. And promoted them. This is where we are today.

When I read that some Igbo youths demonstrated in solidarity to Metuh, I felt betrayed. Our land is constantly being desecrated in recent times by gullible people. Kelechi Deca is Igbo. John Okiyi Kanu is Igbo. Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri is Igbo. Alloy Chife is Igbo. Mcginger Ibeneme is Igbo. Ogbonnaya Onuh is Igbo. Okigbo was igbo. Chinua Achebe was Igbo. Ojukwu was igbo. Chimamanda Adichie is Igbo. The most successful person in your area is possibly Igbo. Igbo is 1/5 of Lagos middle class. Igbo is 1/5 of Abuja middle class. Igbo is arguably half of all markets in lagos. Most goods in Lagos wharf are owned by Igbo. Half of all Nigerian pastors is Igbo. Most successful black men in America and Europe are likely mostly Igbos. The list of honestly successful Igbos world over would write an encyclopedia.
How then do you claim that those in solidarity to an accused embezzler are Igbos? No. They are aliens.

Metuh’s party saw over the execution of Igbo youths for sixteen years prejudice. Almost 50 youths killed and dumped in Ezu river. Many buried in shallow Graves along Port Harcourt express. Many died in different prisons in the East. For asking for Biafra. No one demonstrated in their solidarity. Many died along the horrible Enugu Onitsha express way, Enugu Port Harcourt express, in motor accidents under the watch of Metuh’s party that failed to fix our roads.

No one demonstrated in their solidarity. Many died on their way to Europe by road because Metuh’s ruling party failed to provide employment. No one demonstrated in their solidarity. Many died in various Boko Haram attacks in the North under the watch of Metuh’s ruling party. There was no demonstration. An Igbo girl was recently executed by overzealous Nigerian security official near Metuh’s village during the recent Biafra demonstrations, Metuh and his party did nothing, said nothing and never organised demonstrations in solidarity.

Metuh has been variously been accused of exploiting Igbo youths who vied for positions under his party. Metuh has accepted receiving 400m. Metuh should defend himself. Indeed, it’s on record that most people implicated in the Dasukigate are not Igbo. Many people named so far in the celebrated anticorruption probes which Metuh’s party refused to embark on are not Igbo. Tinubu is not Igbo. Dasuki is not Igbo. Falae is not Igbo. Saraki is not Igbo. Even Buhari who is being accused of receiving armoured Jeep is definitely not Igbo.

Igbo does not celebrate thieves. Metuh is not alone in jail. If his right is infringed upon, let him go to court. He also infringed on the rights of those that died, that lost their livelihood and loved ones and homes because Metuh’s party shared out money meant for arms.

Metuh should emulate Ifeanyi Ubah and go to court. The people who demonstrate for Metuh do not represent Igbo. They are looting recruits unhappy that the party is ending before it was their time to loot. Metuh’s party has not changed one bit. Their leadership style is still the same in Enugu.

Igbo youths earnestly yearn for the end of their evil rein. Igbo youths are disappointed that APC in the East have not been able to mount serious challenge to antidemocratic tendencies in the east.

Igbo youths wish for and will launch a brand new platform that would honestly pursue Igbo interest come 2019. A platform that would provide a fertile ground for teeming enterprising Igbo youths being displaced all over the world.

Innoson is Igbo. Coscharis is Igbo. Ibeto is igbo. Real Igbo intellectuals that would lead the Igbo will soon emerge.
Let Metuh’s slaves carry Metuh’s placard. Igbo youths have moved on.

My name is Mcginger Ibeneme, I am Igbo, and I just want to bare my mind.

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