If men were gods – A Poem.


If men were gods
Witchcraft would be highly sought
Chief priest with doctorate degrees
Able God would not shower his blessings but would replace the heavenly halleluyahs
Heaven would be a haven for sin.

If men were gods
Doctrines would be about money alone
Angels would wear designer clothes
Heaven would be divided
As the angels wearing Gucci would say to the angels wearing Fila, file out
This is our republic.

If men were gods
Churches would be brothels
Cemeteries would no longer be resting places
Safeguarding the bodies of those who wouldn’t cry, “Lord!”
We would rub palms in glee – slaves and slave owners in the name of democracy.
Earth would be vile
Her inhabitants unwanted like bile
Their atrocities documented in these files.

If men were gods
The world would be in chaos
As we would plan coups every day.
My lover would love my daughter,
A situation where I could script destinies
Facebook and Instagram
Would replace churches and Bibles

If men were gods
They would first script out education and replace it with the games of cards
Immorality would be the first commandment
Fornication and adultery the secret recipes
Rituals would be legalised
Creativity and brain work paralysed.

If men were gods
He would make peace with the devil
Since his heart is filled with evil.
Corruption would be nervous
Trust me, vice would break records.
Oxygen would be sold for millions
Grace would be bought
Graduated would grade and still get to wait
If only men were gods.

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