If Nigeria Were A Book – A Poem.


I uphold all cultures

I call for six stems to look into these systems.

And with the fast rise of civilization, there would be need for a documentary.

A documentary about a book.

 A book called


For if Nigeria were a book,

Small  me with no knowledge would be the author.

A story line of  how a young boy flogs a masquerade.

So even the gods are not safe


If Nigeria were a book

I would be that unfortunate author who scripts doom and keep it out of the reach of children.

There will be parental control.

Lest the leaders of tomorrow be plauged with the incurable disease of poly-tricks they call politics

Since we live in the era of politrickians.


If Nigeria were a book

The covers would be nothing but the pictures of our parents

Covered in blood. Resurrected atrocities.


If Nigeria were a book

Permit me to exhaust all figures of speech,

As I tell the tale of a land

Where cows are more respected

And their safety more guaranteed than that of natives.

Little wonder the Constitution said



If Nigeria were a book

I would make soyinka and chimamanda hide their face in shame.

As all they ever told us where the lies about  the dignity and importance of culture.

Whereas all I see now is a land where each culture tries to outsmart and dominate the other

So my brothers, where then is the equity even in small quantity.


If Nigeria were a book

I would freely express my thoughts in every page, words, characters and sentence and not hide my face because I don’t belong to a certain tribe.


This book Nigeria would be forever banned

Locked away deep in the Sahara as the Atlantic would be too small to hold it down.

It shall be deadlier than all nuclear weapons.


If Nigeria were a book

I then would be a story teller, telling the story so fresh like Grand Ma’s recipe

Like Gamie said

“Of how the one who double tapped the heart of his heart displayed on Instagram earned a one way ticket into his heart”

Facebook celebrity with no integrity.


If Nigeria were a book

Each chapter would weep with ink for Nkechi who was slaughtered by the one she called her lover

The Constitution now is called Cost-Institution as the one with the highest bid makes the rule and we are left chanting his name with shame not knowing that we are being shamed.


If Nigeria were a book

This book Nigeria would have no ending as the writer is with limited knowledge since the money allocated for the education of children are now channelled into the caretaking of cows since they are  “SENIOR CITIZENS”


If Nigeria were a book

It story should be about boys who can’t spell their name driving Benz

Pretty girls with make up who still get to break up.

I know Nigeria is somewhere wailing and begging to be written on Golden scrolls

But this dream is a flying horse with leaders that are Niggas

So I pray that one day the Son of Man shall come just to script this book Nigeria.

But I know not in my generation.  So where is this book?

This book


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