If you need January 1st to attempt to be a better person, then you need more than a date on a calendar


I hate New Year Resolutions. Always have, always will.

I can procrastinate with the best of them. When I set my alarm to snooze, I need the clock to be on an even number or at the very worst multiples of 5 before I wake.

I eat massive burgers and wash them down with Diet Coke. I put off difficult conversations until I absolutely have to have them and I’m constantly on the lookout for signs to prove that the confrontation has somehow mysteriously resolved itself and I no longer have to talk about it.

I simply cannot understand New Year Resolutions though. Does that mean I feel like certain aspects of my life was rubbish and I was simply waiting for a date on the calendar to fix it?

New Year, New Me? Really? So I’m just a nonsense person at 23:59 in 2015 but I’m a new creature at 0:01 in 2016?

Or do I get the opportunity to go for a course that will better my chances in life or career in, say August, but put it off till January? Everyday should be the beginning of a new day, a new 365 days, which makes it a New Year.

I understand that the end of the year should be a time for reflection, but I’m hoping that we all reflect on our lives, our futures, our visions more than once a year.

As far as I can tell, as the new year stretches before us, there is only on thing for it – continue to strive to be a better version of your present self. This is our very favourite picture from 2015 – and she didn’t wait till the 1st of January to take the picture either. This is the sort of excellence we should all strive for in January, April, August or November.

Much love and see you all in a few hours!


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