India’s Menstruation Man: how a passion for humanity can cause a revolution

India's Menstruation Man

India's Menstruation Man
Al Jazeera just broke this news yesterday and nearly 15,000 YouTube views later, it is clear that the story of India’s menstruation man is not just inspiring, it cuts across countries and cultures.

Starting from a desire to make his wife’s menstrual experience more hygienic and comfortable (she had been using rags up to this point), Muruga decided to develop a cheap sanitary towel alternative for her.

I’m sure he thought he would just put some bits of cotton wool in a perforated lylon bag and that would be the end of it.

Fast forward 5 years, a divorce from said wife, and endless slurs and insults from neighbours, friends and family, Muruga finally did it – created a sanitary towel that costs half of the going rate in the market, created machines to make said towels, and created jobs for thousands of women.

India’s Menstruation Man (as he’s now fondly called) could be you or I. It just starts with a desire to make life better for one person.

So go ahead, make a difference today.

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