#InternationalWomensDay 2017 – A woman’s life-threatening sacrifices are worth celebrating


#InternationalWomensDay – “Choose between your life and that of your child,” the doctors asked. They were sure that only one of the two could live. I looked into Rita’s eyes and I could see fear and something else, there was compassion in her eyes.  She seemed to have taken a backseat in that instant and taken a quick ride into the future she saw for her baby, nothing else mattered after that.

“Let my baby live,” she said. The doctors wheeled her into theatre and came out few hours later with a healthy baby boy, his cry was soul lifting and for a split second everyone forgot about the mother. The mother had made a choice,  a life for her own life. Her husband came in from an all night flight to raise a child and bury his wife.

Women are always in the cross hairs of dangerous decisions especially on the home front,  some times the battle field seems quite dangerous but imagine what happens when the battle has been lost and enemy soldiers sweep in on untrained women and children. The women are always there when the children and future of a generation is at stake,  it may not be as brave as wielding a sword or swinging a Pistol but it is the right place to be.

Women are present at every defining moment of our lives,  from birth to first days at school,  to graduation and lots more. While the system or government employs men to fight it’s battles, women fight the true battles that matter to our hearts. The role of a woman has hardly been given the dignity it deserves,  being the second fiddle in family affairs has made the woman to be relegated to similar social status. Even our female children are expected to smoothly fit into the roles of assistant all through school.

It is not out of place to make this day a symbol of recognition for the independence and unique identity of women which has nothing to do with their roles as loving mothers,  beautiful wives and daughters. We just want to recognise the humanity of the woman and honour her as a partner in the growth of our homes, nation’s and the world.  Celebrating our women is little out of all we can do to appreciate the role they play, Women’s Day is just a memorial to help us do what we normally should do on a daily. Happy Women’s Day!!

PS: the story in this post is purely fictional, any semblance to real life circumstances or characters is purely coincidence.

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