Is All Publicity Good Publicity? #skiibii is The New Jesus


So, a hitherto unheard of artiste by the name of Skiibii under same record label as KCEE – 5 Star Records – somehow managed to spread the word  that he’d died all over social media Linda Ikeji, and the prayers came flooding in thick and fast. There are morbid pictures of him lying flat on the floor and the news was everywhere.

And then in a stunt that Jesus Himself would be proud of, he resurrected the SAME day – took my Lord and Saviour 3 days. Now, he is trending and trending hard and Nigerians could be forgiven in their thinking that he merely staged a stunt to get notoriety.

As we are incapable of chill, Naija Twitterati have come for him HARD:

and my personal favourite:


The point is though – nobody likes to be taken for a fool, and when you evoke mass sympathy, confusion or chaos simply as a publicity stunt, it tends to backfire.

Did Caitlyn Jenner chops bits off herself? We’re mildly amused/curious/disgusted, but we’re not losing sleep over it. Did we feel a moment’s confusion/panic over Linda Ikeji’s Hacker-Gate? Yes, and that’s why it left a bad taste in people’s mouths. Did we feel a moment’s grief over the death of a young man whose life seemed cut short before it ever really started? Yes, and that’s why Naija folk are riding him hard.

Also, sometimes, you’re simply not big enough to tell that lie. I would put good money on it that Skiibii will fade back into not being known before this day is over.

  1. Gauge your audience.
  2. Will it cause genuine grief?
  3. What are you hoping to get out of it?
  4. Will it make people part with money after it?
  5. Might you just be better off doing a sex tape?

Ask yourself these questions before you die next time. Carry on.

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