John Boyega takes Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford to Naija Restaurant 805 for poundo and egusi!


I’m loving the new breed of Nigerians in Hollywood that are staying true to their roots – first we have Uzoamaka from ‘Orange Is The New Black’ who refused to change her name to a more English sounding name because her mum said “Is they can learn to say Tschaikovsky, they can learn to say Uzoamaka” [watch video here].

Then we have David Oyelowo who has made no effort to hide the pride he feels for the country of his origin nor for the parents who made him the brilliant actor he is today.

John Boyega wielding a magnificent lightsaber

This is Star Wars season and Nigerians – and just about every other Black person alive – are all proud of John Boyega, the fine, young actor who caused a stir by being cast as a Black stormtrooper, Finn (right? I don’t want the Star Wars fan to annihilate me with red hot lightsabers!).

He has been spectacularly unrepentant about his home and birth, even reminiscing on his father’s response when he heard that his son had landed the covetous role:

Now, it has emerged that he randomly walked into 805, the celebrated Nigerian restaurant on the Old Kent Road in South London accompanied by none other than the great Hans Solo – known to you and I as Harrison Ford!

Mr Ford apparently had pounded yam and egusi soup – fine choice, I must say: I wouldn’t expect Indiana Jones to be cowardly and eat fish and dodo or something!

Restaurant manager Prosper Djoufak, 34, seated the pair when they came to dine. but he says he didn’t even recognise the Hollywood star at first:

I didn’t recognise him. But a customer realised and they asked me if it was Harrison Ford.

At first I said no. I didn’t believe it was him.  I’ve watched his movies but he’d lost weight so he looked a bit different. When I went back I realised.

I asked him if he was Harrison Ford and he said yes. He was just like a normal person. He was nice, very quiet.

The initiation is complete, Hans Solo is now one of us. The chieftaincy title will be conferred on him at Ile-Ife. 😆


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