Did KCEE actually use someone else’s money to shine on Instagram??


I swear I’m tired of Nigerians disgracing us. Oge Okoye annoyed us during the AMVCA week with her foolishness. Stole a picture of Kenya Moore’s dogs and made out that they were hers. One would have thought the way she was dragged through hell and high water would have been enough of a lesson for onlooking Nigerian celebs. But no, the devil had to go play with Kcee and convince him this was a good idea.

Apparently, Kcee went on Instagram and made out that that a stack of money was his. Using the caption: “No time, God I give you praise. Just for one day. #desire #mrromantic #romanticcalls.


Nigerians, of course, those harbinger of truths, searched out and found the real owner of the picture and/or money. It would seem Kcee did some fancy photo-cropping:


It’s just so laughable and unnecessary. Is anyone in any doubt that the Limpopo singer has money? Were we under the impression that he was sleeping under a bridge somewhere? Why try to show off with money that isn’t yours? In dollars, you know! Especially when you know your country people and their bad belle? If the picture exists anywhere in this world, they will find it!

I can only imagine what he was thinking. He was probably thinking Oge Okoye’s error was using dogs belonging to a celebrity. He probably thought he would be smarter about it and take the picture from a fairly unknown Instagram handle. Who probably took the picture from somewhere else himself if the money isn’t his.

This is what is known as using your hand to do yourself by yourself and Kcee’s didn’t need to do him dirty like that. They should have watched over him a bit closer; guided him a bit better. Or pata pata allowed one strong sleep to catch him as soon as he had the thought.

Because as it is, if this blows up to be true, he is about to get the dragging of his life come Monday morning.

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