Ladies, you can be natural and still make da ting go skrrrrah!


When I see some of the women these rich people dey parade as girlfriends, e go jus be like say make I dey bang my head for wall!

Complete fake human being na im dem be. From their head to toe, na tongue be the only real body part wey some of dem get.

I just dey imagine how I go get that kain money and I go come dey suck bobbie wey be say na cement dey inside?! Ori mi o ma ni buru ke!

C’mon let’s say the truth and shame the devil.
How I go dey suck bobbie wey the owner no even get any feelings, when real bobbies dey wey be say before you touch am sef, e don dey react?!

How I go dey happy with myself pressing bumbum wey be say dem stuff am like sofa! What’s there to enjoy na, when real succulent bumbum dey with plenty stretch marks wey decorate am?

I like a woman with her natural features – hair, bobbie, waist, stomach, bumbum, hips etc.

Emi o feran eru China. Give me correct….**pulease I don’t want to go into too much details**

Ladies, be proud of your natural body. Don’t let anybody body-shame you to the point of hating on yourself. But you sef need to carry yourself well. Be smart. Ma da’ra sile.
Pack everything up very well. Tuck everything in very well. Pepper dem 🌶🌶🌶 with small cleavage. Put small dustin powder on your neck. Add some gloss to your lips with ROBB. Walk proud. Let everyting go Skrrrrrrah pap pap!

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