Obasanjo vs Buhari: when two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers


– Obviously, a lot has happened since baba was ‘busy’ with his phD programme, and he should have asked to be properly briefed before writing and posting his letter.

– …briefed by who?

– By his aides nau. Or those who knew what the government has been up to.

– My brother, no be this country we all dey? Who sabi anything wey dis government dey do?

– Ofcourse they have been working. From salvaging the economy from collapse, to recovering loots, to boosting agriculture, to improving the foreign reserve….the list is endless.

– This deaf and dumb government? Government wey no dey talk or communicate with the people. How anybody wan take know wetin dem dey do? Unless when dem wan reply opponents, we no dey even feel like say we get anybody wey dey rule us. All these things you dey talk say dem do, se no be when dem reply baba letter we sef know?

– But there are government gazettes where you can avail yourself of these information. You don’t wait for them to be making public announcements. Everything you need is available. Just do your research. It’s there!

– Oga, your grammar too much. If truly dem do all these things, we go still dey suffer like this? In fact, you don see where dem need to dey announce success before? No be success dey announce itself? If dem do all these things, we no need to dey go library go dey find gazette abi wetin you call am before we know na. Se anybody need to dey announce ‘change’? All these cows wey dey roam about, se we no dey see dem? Abi dem need to announce the killings? We dey see all those things na. So why we go go dey look into gazettes to find change?

– Well, governance is not magic. Especially with how bad things were…..the change will be gradual.

– I hear you. No be dem fault. Na we dey sell our votes. Until our heads correct well well, our suffering no go end.


Feature image courtesy: Skytrend News

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