Did Lai Mohammed really make an “undress masquerades” remark in respect to job creation? Ha! Boosit !!


Until Nigerian public office holders know and also understand that governance is an art, and not merely a career or mere occupation, goofy gaffes like this one won’t cease to come to shock, and further prove that these public officials are actually masquerades, a bunch of clueless ones masqueraded as “government”.

Did Oga Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, really make this masquerade remark in respect to job creation? Oh yes, he did!

In a nation where apocalyptic unemployment pangs the soul of over 70% of her youths, you, a custodian of their rights and citizenship, mount a podium, look into your audience, and all you could prate is that such youths can and should find gainful respite in undressing masquerades?

Ha! What a boosit!

No matter how anyone tries to spin this remark with the reel of relativity, Oga Lai should have known better, that his remarks as a public official, especially, in a role so important as the Information Minister, will reverberate across the polity, to either give hope, or further dash it; and this phoney remark did the latter.


Hmmmn, read the full report below:

Speaking at the sectoral debate of the federal house of representative in Abuja on Tuesday, Mohammed said most states in Nigeria have one festival or the other.

“Most states today have more than one festival a year, but the packaging and lack of capacity has not enabled them to make the most out of these festivals,” he said.

“There’s a particular masquerade in the south east, it takes 100 people to dress him, another 100 people to undress him.

“If this masquerade is well-packaged, it can provide employment in one week for more than 1000 young men. These are some of the untapped potentials.”

Mohammed explained that Nigeria has the oldest forest in the world in terms of biodiversity for tourists to visit, but tourists are discouraged by bribing and insecurity in the country.

“I worked in the airport for 10 years, and I know that if you want your passport stamped as a foreigner, you slip $100 into your passport. No tourist would come back to a country where he has to bribe immigration to enter.

“No tourist would come to a country where, when he leaves immigration, he enters a ‘one-chance’ taxi or ‘one-chance’ bus. It’s a holistic problem and these are all contained in the national tourism master plan, which I would make available to the house.

“We must make a difference between tourist sites and tourist attractions; what we have in Nigeria are tourist sites. They are not tourist attractions.

“You need infrastructure to convert a tourist site to a tourist attraction. If you don’t have infrastructure, it would always remain a tourist site,

“In Cross Rivers reserve park, Nigeria has the oldest forest in the whole world. It is the oldest in terms of biodiversity, and we have this very rare, white-mane gorilla in that area, but because my people in Cross River have decided to turn them to bush meat, they have now escaped.”

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  1. Sayo, while this should not be seen as a defence for Lai in any way, i had to go and read thru about what he said.
    He was talking about the indirect, albeit temporary jobs during the festivals that are done once in a while and that could serve as tourist attractions. For example, is Osun Osogbo Festival done every week, that he would expect that to create direct jobs for the teeming number of the unemployed?
    But because some mischievious folks on social media are always on the lookout on how to deliberately twist statements in order to score cheap political points, even though the next round of elections is still about three years away, you get all these kind of negative reactions!
    It is most unfortunate..
    Nigeria has a long way to go with these set of youths we have and their mindset!!!

  2. Foluso Jide Olorungbon, I urge you to stop responding to these people, whenever they talk or write, it always expose their ignorance and perhaps they think everybody is as foolish

  3. @foluso so after one spends years years and years going tru d walls of school wot a very stupid shameless ma. With kids can tink of is to advice them of getting temporary jobs dressing up masquerades; wot a high level of wickedness; sometime his kids won’t Eva do; until naija youths get sense abt all dis dumbass leaders na so we go day see things

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