mazi abe’s side: Political Jàgà Jàgà and Buhari’s waka waka


EVERYBODY LOVES BUHARI……..but his sides are leaking.

Abeg, lets call a spade a spade, the last seven days were a Public Relations disaster for the Buhari Government.

Where was the Government’s highy funded multimedia machinery, when Ifeanyi Uba and The Wailers, were skanking reggae all over the Social media, claiming victory over the sudden revival of the comatose Naira ?

Saudi Arabia!

Talking of Saudi Arabia, what the hell was that Presidential Spokesman, Femi Adeshina, thinking of when he started releasing pictures of President Buhari, half-naked, in Saudi Arabia, claiming he was praying for Nigeria. Was he trying to portray our President as the next Mahatma Ghandi ? Not even one mention of the economic benefits of the visit. What a plonker!

Has he forgotten how former President Jonathan was pilloried for his numerous journeys to Jerusalem and kneeling in front of bishops and pastors?

This was hypocrisy at its worst and I don’t blame those losers for wailing all over the internet about it. That was a major clanger.

It made Buhari look stupid and two-faced. Someone deserves to be sacked.

Then V.P. Osinbajo decided to display his political naivety by publicly saying Jonathan did not build any roads during his tenure. How Is that possible? I am sure it came out the wrong way, but that is the job of his Media people – to vet his public speeches and do quick damage control if necessary.

The Fallout of Buhari’s Waka Waka?

The Wailers released another Top 10 Chart Blockbuster.

Then Senate President Saraki kùkùmá made the whole ogi very watery, exploiting Buhari’s absence by taking delivery of 10 expensive and exotic official cars and then thumbing up his nose at Buhari’s Anti- Corruption campaign, calling it a joke.

Yet again, there was no media denial or rebuke.

So, wetin cause the wahala?

We hear Shehu Musa, Senior Media Special Adviser (whatever that means) is so disillusioned with his second hand role, he spends his time chasing short skirts all over Abuja.

Information Minister, Uncle Lai Mohammed is so stuck in a time capsule, he thinks he is still the APC opposition spokesman.

As for the President’s Spokesman, Femi Adeshina, he is a typical example of why a seasoned Newspaper Editor should not be be employed as a Presidential Spokesperson.

The job requires special communication skills and Public Relations professionalism. He thinks publishing photographs of the President doing àlùwálá in Mecca, will make Buhari the Holy Messiah in our eyes?

Bros, awa eyes don open o. Go and ask Reuben Abati.

That is not the change we voted for.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

O bà ni, ko ti bàjé.

Buhari, shine your eyes.

We still love you, but your sides are leaking.

Mazi abe idris© copyrights 2016

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