Law professor schools student who complains about #BlackLivesMatter t-shirt


Yes, we’re still talking about #BlackLivesMatter. Because it would seem that they still do not. It would seem that our lives are worth less than every other life. And there are posts, comments and articles that let us know that this chant must not stop. Not until the hashtag becomes a reality.

Want proof? Here’s proof. A student in an American university wrote anonymously to her lecturer decrying his/her wearing of a BLM t-shirt. In the letter which started really quite civilly and rapidly accelerated to pithy and disrespectful, the student presumed to advise the lecturer that his/her attitude (by wearing the t-shirt) was unbecoming of a professor, and stated that energies might be better directed towards actual teaching.

The level of entitlement and rudeness shook me to the core, but I’m glad I waited for the response.

The lecturer took the letter as a challenge to teach, and teach, he did!

I have no words for the brilliance of the message within, so I will just let you read this. Trust me, it’s rather epic!

#BlackLivesMatter - Student's Letter -1

#BlackLivesMatter - Student's Letter -2


Crazy, right? But wait for the response!

#BlackLivesMatter - Professor's response -1

#BlackLivesMatter - Professor's response -2

#BlackLivesMatter - Professor's response -3

#BlackLivesMatter - Professor's response -4

#BlackLivesMatter - Professor's response -5

#BlackLivesMatter - Professor's response -6


BUUUUUUUURN! Consider yourself educated, young student! #BlackLivesMatter


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