Love, and 5 Letters


Love is pretty heavy, isn’t it? And Trust? It is a lot lighter, but somehow carries much more weight.

I understand that without trust you can’t love completely, and by being in love with someone, you have that little thing called trust. The trust you have to be able to share your heart with someone. The trust to be able to let someone in, and that alone is on your part, to trust yourself. What makes it whole is the trust for the other. The trust for his or her intentions towards you, the trust he or she makes you see.

Trust and love are more complicated than life itself, because no matter how stressed out you are about life and what it has dealt you with, the situation and feeling of love and trust is way more overwhelming and complicated than that.

Love is really sweet when you’re in it. Love shows you clearly what you haven’t seen in yourself and in other people. It alone makes you happy and you just might find yourself smiling at nothing all day. You feel so alive and it makes you look forward to the next day and the days after.

Love is a lot of things. It is amazing to be in it and to feel it, but when love deals with you, it finishes you. You become empty, you don’t look forward to the coming days because you are depressed every other day.

That much hope, sweetness, and longing becomes a burden. It stresses your entire being and sometimes, there are people who actually give up. So I ask. Why risk being in love or falling in love with someone supposing that when it ends or shatters, it carries me along with it, shattered by it, and I fall to the ground feeling the worst pain ever, my heart tearing itself out without giving me the peace of mind, or a break.

Why risk love? When love will blow my brains out and ironically have me feel so alive then tear my heart out and kill me every single day?

One thing I know is that above all that, love is the best thing there is and ever will be. In this world filled with uncertainty and wickedness, love brings peace, harmony, the willingness to help, to understand, to be happy with you and everyone around you.

Love makes us certain because there’s trust, and we trust because we know, we know that we can, because we know he or she is worth it.

Love will find you, and when it does, you’ll wish you never ran away from it. But first, love yourself deeply and completely. We risk loving someone because to us, he or she is worth it.

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