Malawian Prophet Walks on Air? If You Don’t Stop Your Nonsense This Second!


A 43 second video has been published by Press Association – a legit Media house – that shows a Malawian ‘prophet’ supposedly walking on air for a few seconds. The man is known as Shepherd Bushiri, and he is one of Malawi’s leading prophets.

I am simply unable to can at this point:

Things like this make me so tired of our people that I just want to go on a slapping spree:

Firstly, what is wrong with cameraman? I know he’s supposed to distract us from the goings on while they tie rope around this conman’s arms or whatever is is that they did, but why is he out here acting like he’s drunk or got ADHD? Focussed on the door, the rug, the sofa…chile please. Who do you think you’re fooling?

What’s further annoying is that there are some easily fooled…fools who will sell the shirt on their back to go and collect blessing from Professor Peller. Hian.

Prophet Bushiri when he is earthbound. LOL

All I will say is this: before you start tithing for someone else’s private jet, remember that Jesus Himself didn’t float. Lol, he should have tried the floating thing on the staircase if the Holy Spirit was truly with him. He would have found himself in holy A&E!

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