On marriage and money: ensure you’re bringing something to the table


When it comes to marriage and money, one of the most poisonous things people get themselves involved in is financial miscalculation and expectations in matrimony.

You see someone and you feel they are financially well-off, so you hit it good and walk down the aisle. Next, you discover they aren’t liberal when it comes to money matters and you get angry with them.

One thing everyone going into a relationship must know is that every one isn’t that generous. Everyone won’t be free with their finances; it doesn’t matter how much they love you.

Gentlemen, beware!

Marrying a lady because you feel she’s employed and hence, she will bear part of the financial burden of the family is a foul Sah! Don’t do that! If you can, plan your home within your financial means, it will help you.

Most women are still of the notion that the man is the sole and ultimate provider, even with millions in her account. She will tell you that her own money is for frivolities such as aso ebi and buying new gold. Marrying a woman with the expectation that she will team with you will just leave you lost and disappointed.
If you must take my opinion sir, have a financial plan that will work for you even when you start raising a family. That way, you won’t feel financially burdened.

Ladies, shine ya eye!

Aunty, don’t marry a man expecting him to be your ATM machine or meal ticket, you might be left disappointed. A little financial insurance of your own will go along way. Don’t spend all your money on frivolities, buying more and more clothes and jewellery than you actually need. An investment will be good for you. Abi would it be too much for you if you own a small plot of land somewhere?

Also, be aware that some men are only aware of providing feeding money! They do not know about other necessities women need, don’t forget that.

Above all, talk things through with your partner and know what financial obligations and expectations they have in mind.

Some homes today are facing money issues, the earlier you identify what could pose such issues for you and set up plans to handle them, the better for your relationship.

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