mazi abe’s side: What Valentines Day Will Cause?? My daughter wants to go on a date o!


So…because it’s Valentines Day, this one is busy telling me she wants to go out with her friend on Sunday.

“Ehnnnn, what is your friend’s name?” I asked gently.


Long silence.

“Davidi ké ? What kind of parents name their daughter, David?”

“I didn’t tell you it’s a she, Dad.”

So, so so so so, wha’ wha’ whaaaa’, what are you tr’ tr’ try try, trying to, sa’ sa’ sa’ say ?” I stammered.

Dad, l’m 17, remember ?

I’m sure your mother knows all about this, call her for me!!

Its either Government cancels this bloody nonsense Valentines Day or I cancel it myself!

David kò, Goliath ni.

Woh, they will know I am from Lagos in this London on Sunday!!

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