So much hypocrisy, much wow


Such Hypocrisy

There’s a photo going round, that of a woman holding a placard saying she’s looking for a (white) husband, and has three children. Apparently, as I’ve seen, many men are feeling awfully disturbed and deeply offended by her having three kids at twenty seven years. They can’t believe it. It is a huge shocker for them. Some, I think, have been admitted to hospital due to the shock. They are now being pushed around in wheelchairs, because they are still recovering, with IV lines stuck into their arms. Aw, poor fellas. So sad. And all the while, passing cruel judgement and cutting insults at her.

But me, I am confused. You’re hurt for what? You’re throwing tantrums why? Si you, you had your 9 kids with 4 different women, whom you abandoned, by the time you were 25 years old? And the number is steadily growing? In fact, you don’t even know the sexes of some of your kids because you enlisted their mothers’ numbers in your call blacklist months before they were born. So what the hell are you complaining about, you incorrigible hypocrite? Acting all outraged and disgusted. As if you’re an innocent eunuch living in a monastery, who wears a sack with a sisal rope as a belt, and does nothing but peel potatoes all day. Kwenda.

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