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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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The internet is a truly entertaining place

The internet is a truly entertaining place. You may observe someone in the comments section of a lovely photo boldly remarking that the one photographed...

Divorce is an option

Divorce Some days ago, it was on the news that a woman stabbed her husband to death. And everyone condemned it saying “If you are...

It is all discrimination

Sometime earlier this year, I got chatting with a young Nigerian man who works at my former place of work. We used to talk...

So much hypocrisy, much wow

Such Hypocrisy There's a photo going round, that of a woman holding a placard saying she's looking for a (white) husband, and has three children....

Change starts with me?

Change starts with me We must all change the way we think and act. I am responsible for the way I think and act. It would...