Must Buhari be always welcomed ceremonially upon every re-entry?


We are lazy. We are stupid. Ise o ka wa lara rara (We are not serious at all)

Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, put up this post on Facebook, to pictorially detail President Muhammadu Buhari’s return into the country after spending 10 days or so in the UK.

Muhammadu Buhari welcome

And I ask, must we always do this any time Sai Baba arrives?

If I were President, I wouldn’t condone this kinda welcome Royale for me even when things are in order, talk more when things are very shitty as they are now.

Muhammadu Buhari welcome

This is a sign of genetic knack for vainness; a preference to perform a rite of faffing at the expense of showing respect for right discernment.
Enter the country normally and get back to work fully, but, no oh…ministers and governors must come shake hands with you upon ceremonial re-entry, the wind instruments and pipes must not get rusty, and Bayo Omoboriowo must snap pisshure (pictures). …

Muhammadu Buhari welcome

Muhammadu Buhari welcome

…and to see some people go gooey over this just freaks AF!…it confirms another exasperating truth about the arguably innate simpleton folly inherent in most Nigerians and underlies why Politicians will always wanna take us all and things for granted.

Oro wa ti su mi o jee, I don tire.

I condemn this act of uselessness, we should be seen rolling up sleeves for work all the time, considering the dire situation of the nation, not faffing and shining 32 upandan like amnesiac prodigals.

Muhammadu Buhari welcome

Muhammadu Buhari welcome

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  1. This is guard of honor even all the president coming to nigeria receive thesame why not our own too? Na wa 4 una ooooooooh the person who went out for over ten days and coming back should not be welcome or what is the poster insinuating?

  2. For Gods sake those insulting Buhari must stop Anyone striving to grow old must learn how to respect elders.Buhari is not responsible for challenges facing this nation It is the greed selfishness incompetence and weakness of some people that has brought us thus far It is not in our culture to abuse our elders. Please leave Buhari aloneHe will not die but live to complete what he has started by the special grace of God It is only imbecile who will prefer the looting and lawlessness to continue unabatedThings will definately change for the better by the backing of God Nigeria go survive

  3. My response here has nothing to do with partisan politics. In all good conscience, Do we need that much shenanigans because the President is returning to his house/ country? We are truly a bunch of clowns!!!

  4. Are they paying for it . These are police men .if they don’t do it will dey justify their pay. These are units in the force .Llandudno we should bother on what concerns us . It’s like asking why ushers should usher in a priest or pastor every Sunday .or why a Bishop should have a warden. Seek knowledge and stop spewing rubbish all in the name of comment . Where u work determines the protocols u are given . For some work once you see your superior u must stand up . Even if the person is one rank ahead of you .

  5. Who is deceiving us nd using our heads? Buhari or these so called bloggers(or woteva dey are calld) dat com on social media platforms such as dis to promote their selfish interest. They post non-existent materials with catchy but false captions nd seek for our comments. Dat picture is not d true reflection of yesterday’s event. Its an old picture of an old event. Nigerians without proper examination of materials brought before dem start to cast insult. They are taking advantage of our seeming gullible nature to put us against our leaders nd which is their motive in d first place. They are toying with our sensibilities because we’ve allowed hate nd religious nd tribal sentiments to becloud our sense of reasoning nd fair judgements. out of unnecessary hate, we begin to insults our elders nd even ourselves on issues dat don’t really exist. Lets wise up nd stop all dis infantile behaviour. We don’t read newspapers,listen to news over d radio or watch our local news on TV. Dats y we easily give in to lies on social media platforms. D man u re insulting does not knw if u exist let alone see or feel ur abuses. I wonder if those pouring insults won’t do worse wen dey av d opportunity to lead. If really e was given dat kind of reception, is der anything criminal about it? I expect these bloggers to put before us debateable issues of national importance for d sake of public discourse nd uplifting d nation. God bless us nd our country Nigeria.

  6. U can not substantiate on all the accusations u post anyway a little jealousy is necessary if not u will never know u’r progressing only lazy people ve time for frivilouse issues who God bless no man curse. U might just be heaping coal of fire to ur children feature or ur feature remember all prayers goes to God so u can not demand evil wishes on another mans life or reputation for it will be returned back to u with equal measures or even more.u don’t want him but God place him what else can u do but envy. Remember d bible says even if I walk thru d valley of evil I shall fear nothing. Even the multitude of u hold council on the president and God wants him there u would only dig pit of hell to urselfs. Ur opinion only end on face book where only cawards voice out. Don’t give urselfs high b.p for u are jealouse and will do nothing more than a dead rat.

  7. These are the usual things that accompany presidential movements. Before they speak a particular brand of music. When they travel and come back they must inspect a guard of honour.

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