Never give up, you have what it takes


“Never give up!”

If he was in Nigeria, he probably would have been made to believe there was something wrong with him.

So he would have spent his time going from Church to Church seeking solutions.

He would have been taken advantage of by fake pastors, he would have “sown” all he had to attract a miracle.

His parents would have mocked him and written him off.

He wouldn’t have had any girlfriend.

He would have been called a nobody by his friends. He would have been too ashamed to give his opinions in the midst of others.

He would have tried to travel out but as you guessed, that too would have failed.

He would have been told his destiny has been exchanged or he’s under a generational curse.

When things don’t change after doing deliverance, he would have been told he has a secret sins that are hindering him from moving forward.

All these time, he would be made to keep chasing shadows, wasting his meagre resources, keep believing he’s cursed and getting redundant by the day.

At some point, he would probably be told to do Yahoo plus or get involved in rituals for money. After all, they would say “It is better to get money ANYHOW than to suffer forever”.

No one would have told him maybe all those things were not for him -including formal education; maybe he was destined for greater heights.

No one would have told him to keep adding value to himself, that one day, he would break through.

No one would have told him time was running out and he needed to stop chasing the external but focus on himself and build capacity, keep trying till he breaks through.

No one would have told him to ignore rejections as it was a part of life. And 100 rejections doesn’t mean you’re useless, the 101 may just be your break-through point.

I was on probation in a year at school, I had gone through some very traumatic experiences and also fallen seriously ill yet thought I could write my exam but I couldn’t, I failed woefully. I was advised by my parents to withdraw, in fact my dad took me back from school and locked me up at home telling me it’s over for me, I need to start with a fresh jamb exam.

I told my dad in tears, “Because I failed doesn’t mean I’m a failure”. I escaped from home and went back to school. I told myself “You can do this, what do you need to get at least a not-too-bad result”. I organized my carry over course, checked out the courses I needed to do to help myself and faced my issues squarely. “I also told God, at least a 2-2, even if na by mistake, abeg.”

Being from a small department, I couldn’t hide when attending classes with younger colleagues, but I didn’t care. I knew what I wanted and I was gonna fight for it. I befriended my younger colleagues so they could help me keep up. A friend who has some academic issues asked me how I was managing because she couldn’t imagine doing what I was doing, I told her I knew what I wanted.

Let’s just say when I called my dad to tell him my result, he was dumbfounded for some seconds on the phone and all he could say was “I don’t believe it”.

Life is not fair. Sometimes it will beat you down so bad you will tell yourself you have absolutely nothing to lose if you commit suicide.

But that’s the difference between Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Alibaba and others who faced similar challenges, he didn’t quit; neither should you.

I believe in prayers, heck I even believe in deliverance sef. But nothing can take away these three things as the key components of success:
1. The power of perseverance
2. Strong belief in oneself 
3. Capacity building/personal development

If you have nobody to encourage you, I’m doing so today, YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!!!!

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