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Learn to fail

A few weeks ago I had a talk with some Youth Corpers. One of them wanted my help with something she was meant to...

Never give up, you have what it takes

"Never give up!" If he was in Nigeria, he probably would have been made to believe there was something wrong with him. So he would have...

Don’t Just Set A Goal; Make An Action Plan

Defining your goal is the first step to reaching it and it’s crucial to define it correctly.  But you’ll never reach your goal unless...

Pick Yourself Up No Matter The Price

I had a discussion with a friend with whom I was sharing some attitudes we women have that are not profitable. You know how...

Words Of Encouragement For Those Exiting 2016 Feeling Like Failures

Words of Encouragement The year is coming to an end and perhaps you feel like a failure. Maybe most or even all the goals you set...