Nigeria: The “Bush of Cars” and how media propaganda hurts us

Bush Of Cars

I go off for a minute, I come back for a second, and it’s still same ol’ same ol’ – Nigerians, the problem of Nigeria.

I once said that our major problem in Naija lies neck deep in the lucrative folly of its followership, and that the leaders, sorry, I mean, the politicians know this and the politicians use this.

I came online some moments ago to see some lot, sharing pictures of luxurious cars overgrown by grass in a supposed “Igbo irumole“, and tagging it as a “Buhari Anti-Corruption Anti-PDP Feat”, hailing to heavens!

Bush Of Cars

©Daily Mail|Bush Of Cars -2 ©Daily Mail|Bush Of Cars -3

Startling, yes, alarming to the sight, but because I don’t want common ‘Gugu sassi’ (Google search) to be wiser than my brain and cheaper than my emotions, I checked.

And alas, na wash! They are pictures from a Chinese local area, with arguably no known ties with Nigeria. Check below:

©Daily Mail|Bush Of Cars -5

The actual article from the Daily Mail here

Well, my dear Nigerians, we all want Naija to succeed, and I understand some of una hustle to chop. But if we don’t desist from being harebrained living emoticons and start learning how to become almost emotionless citizens who just want to keep demanding and enjoying rights, this present government will also fail… (Will? Have? Pick your tense, ladies and gentlemen ????)

See ehn, even if na this present government unravel this bush with car-some fruits, you should know that anti-Corruption is their job, not a feat, not an ideology, and definitely not a policy. Let them do their job that you already paid for via your votes and “‪#‎FeBuhari‬” data. …. stop this sheepish clapping!

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