Nigerian decay: Olamide Science Student or Nigerian leaders?


– Your excellency, sir…

– Yes director, how are you?

– I’m very well sir. Just a quick one sir.

– Yes I’m listening…..

– I just want to call your attention to a song that I think is promoting drug abuse, which is currently ravaging our youths. I want you to use your good office to call on the NBC to check on the song, and if possible, call the musician to order. My command is working tirelessly in curtailing the importation and local distribution of these drugs, but some of these musicians are making fun of our efforts. We can’t be fighting an effect and at the same time preserving its cause.

– Director, I hear you but my hands are tied at the moment.

– How sir?

– We need these youths in 2019 and so they need to be kept happy. That young musician and others are not doing anything bad. They are working for us. Look, director, the dynamics have changed. Gone are the days when we call the bluffs of these youths. 99% of them now own voters cards, and according to political mathematics, that’s a huge factor to take advantage of.

– Your excellency, I don’t understand you sir. I’m not getting you at all. Have you listened to that song at all sir?

– Of course…of course. In fact, I know all the trending songs. Se mo wipe youth si ni mi. (Laughs) But on a more serious note, those songs are harmless. They are just for fun. The country is tough for everyone, most especially the youths, with no jobs and so on. So if we have something that can keep them happy such as these musicians are doing, why kill their joy? Moreover, you are not a politician, you won’t understand how some of these things work.

– So, your excellency… you think everything is normal like this? I’m also very current on the social media and nobody can convince me that the behaviour of these youths as displayed their trending videos is normal. In fact many of them need psychiatric assessment.

– Well….they have parents. Wahala awon obi won niyen. Director, I have to go now.

(Call ends)


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