The Nigerian government’s communication strategy is appalling!


My biggest grouse with this government is their communication strategy.

There is no sugar coating it – it is dismal.

The Communications team working with the Minister of Information, should be setting the communication strategy of the government. They should have journalists they cultivate to help present their agenda in the press. There should be weekly press briefings where questions are asked and answered.

There should be information set forth at least weekly; talking about what the government is doing about the events of that period.

For example, it is frustrating to realise that many people do not know the security measures that have been put in place in Southern Kaduna over the last few weeks. Although the information is in the newspapers, how many people read the papers anymore? That information should be on the radio, media aides should be on TV, radio, in the papers etc, explaining policy, answering questions, reassuring the nation etc etc etc.

This is not rocket science.

AND they must lose the bunker mentality. It is not them against Nigerians. When issues are pointed out, they need to listen and stop thinking Nigerians are their enemies.

Governments that want to succeed, listen. This is the only way forward.

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