Nigerian lady narrates her first interview experience in the US as she reacts to HR story


Social media has been raving since a young Nigerian lady took to social media to narrate her first interview experience.

Kynene Oma had shared her experience while reacting to the trending human resource story on Twitter which had buzzed with mixed reactions after a Canada-based Nigerian lady narrated how she shut down a job seeker who complimented her.

The lady identified as Taiwo had said she called the job seeker rude for saying she smelled nice. Many Nigerians had called out the lady, they described the lady as an arrogant person for not taking the compliment as what it is.

Reacting to Taiwo’s tweet, Twitter user Kynene Oma also shared her experience at an interview. The lady explained that she got the job despite giving her interviewer a compliment.

Oma had shared that her first interview in the United States had gone well even though she told the interviewer that she liked her bracelets. The Twitter user explained that the interviewer had thanked her and even told her where she got the bracelets.

According to her, the woman that interviewed her had even given her the bracelet her second week on the job.

She advised that people need to be more relax. She said: “My first interview in the US, I told her I liked her bracelets. She said she got them from Etsy and that she would get me some. 2nd week on the job, she gave me bracelets. See, this interview thing is not judgement day. You Nigerians need to stop tighting your chest.”

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