Nnamdi Kanu beat the drums of war; the python came to dance


It is now clear even to the blind that IPOB are a violent militia, led by a megalomanic Nnamdi Kanu, who is determined to burn Nigeria down to get his own way.

Supporters of Biafra should stop telling us IPOB are peaceful. They are NOT! There are videos of IPOB boys on the streets, stopping buses, asking if passengers are Hausa or really Igbo. It is clear they would have dragged out any Northerners and possibly killed them.

Rwanda, anyone?

We have seen the video of the Dangote truck IPOB set alight – with the driver inside. Because Dangote is a business owned by a Hausa man. At least one policeman has been killed by IPOB militants. They have attacked the Abia Police Commissioner’s home, and burnt his cars. People of other tribes have been injured and possibly killed by IPOB members. Their crime? Not being Igbo.

No Government should handle this violent militia and its insane leader with kid gloves.

Customs have seized 3 separate shipments of over 2000 pump action guns smuggled in from Turkey. There is a Turkish businessman/diplomat very sympathetic to the Biafran cause. He has visited Kanu and pledged his support. There is a video of Kanu raising money to buy arms and bullets to overthrow the Nigerian state.

Coincidence? Maybe. But what responsible government (of any nation) would not consider the strong possibility that these arms were going to Kanu and his IPOB militia? Or indeed to any faction within its shores that are not authorised by government to own such large quantities of warfare?

Every government is allowed to take whatever security measures it deems necessary to protect its country subject to credible intelligence it has received. Such intelligence is not shared with the public.

The Nigerian police are not equipped to deal with a violent militia – which is what IPOB has become.

The military has a constitutional right to establish law and order if sent to do so by the C-in-C. In America, we see the National Guard on the streets when the State Governor fears the breakdown of law and order. The National Guard are a reserve military operation.

We have seen many African nations slide into war because they ignored the growth of a violent militia until their countries exploded. Nigeria’s experience with Boko Haram also shows us the danger of not nipping an armed militia in the bud before it becomes a deadly army led by a crazy warlord.

I would rather a government that stop anarchy in its infancy, than one that lets it burst into full flames, only to then wring its hands ineffectually.

Never again can we allow Nigeria to return to a time when Nigerian territory larger than Belgium was captured and controlled by a deadly terrorist militia. When thousands were killed, and millions displaced. All because a government chose to act too late. Never again.

** There is a video of some soldiers subjecting IPOB members to lying in muddy water/drinking mud water. That is wrong behaviour, must be condemned, and I am pleased to learn the Military has set up a probe into the matter.** 

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