Should the Nigerian army really be using live ammunition on Biafra agitators?


The news from Sahara Reporter’s page is alarming. A video shows a young man, a Biafra agitator, being carried into a car with a bullet shot wound to his leg. The voice behind the camera describes the situation as an “ambush attack” by the Nigerian army on the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

If ever there was a time to start talking and also appealing for human rights to be upheld, it would seem that time was NOW.

We are aware that the call for referendum has been an ongoing agitation. Many Nigerians are of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with this call for referendum. Is this government no longer for the people? Is this a dictatorship, where Nigerians should live under constant fear of their own security agents?

Resident Nigerian Jew, Nnamdi Kanu, may have breached the terms of his bail. He may have been involved in treasonous activities like creating the Biafra Secret Service, but is this the right way to approach this issue?

The Military have also released a counter video according to Sahara reporters showing that they had been provoked by Biafran youths. The video seems to show that the military vehicles were blocked off some route and this could be the reason for the attack.

This still begs the question of the value of Nigerian lives to this government and the security agents. No matter the amount of provocation, this video shows civilians carrying sticks and stones. What amount of provocation would sticks and stones inflict on armoured vehicles? So tear gas and blanks are exhausted that live ammunition had to be used on these people?

This is just sad and pathetic. Nigeria is treading a path of bloodshed, why can’t we just have a referendum and let people decide how they want to be ruled?

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