If you’re always tired and grumpy for no reason, then this is for YOU!


Are you always angry and unhappy for no reason? Do you feel frustrated and wasted most of the time? You have prayed and fasted but no changes?

Read on:

The simple reason why you feel this way is because your life is complicated. This world on its own is complicated which is partly why your life is. The other part is how you have set up your own world.

The aggregates of our complicated world are made up of issues we regard as ‘minors’, hence the way we treat them and the feedbacks we get.

The winning formula in this world is to keep your focus on what you have control over– and these are majorly those ‘minor’ issues which form your day-to-day living. You can’t control the government and their policies, you can’t control the economy and you have no control over other people, but you HAVE CONTROL OVER HOW YOU SET UP AND RULE YOUR OWN WORLD.

For the sake of clarity, let’s take a look at some scenarios:

1. Some live very far from their places of work and their commuting options are not great.

— People in this group will always feel tired and irritated because they have to get up earlier than normal and return later than normal.

2. Some are living overstretched lifestyles. They ride cars they can’t afford to purchase and maintain. They live in houses they can’t afford. They send their kids to schools they can’t afford.

— People in this category will forever be struggling to keep their heads afloat in the ocean of debts. This sort of struggle births strange sicknesses.

3. Some are fond of judging their lives by the standards of others around them.

— Since the people in this category have lost focus of their own potentials and blessings, depression is their portion.

4. Some are just working but not gainfully employed, while some of those who are gainfully employed are not fulfilled.

— People in this category will always dread waking up to another new day where they’ll need to be at that job. Many in this category are open to suicidal thoughts because they can’t find meaning to life.

5. Some are courting wrong association – marriage, friendship.

— The abusive relationship and toxic friendship kept by people in this category will always have their positive energy sucked out of them, leaving them emitting only negative vibes.

6. Some set unreasonable high and unattainable targets for themselves.

— People in this category usually end up with disappointment and nervous breakdown.

7. Some are people-pleasers. They are ignorant of the fact that the word ‘NO’ is not always a negative statement.

— People in this category usually end up feeling distraught after being used, abused and dumped.

8. Some are daily fighting to keep a lid on their secret.

— People in this category cannot enjoy peace and freedom until they summon the courage to admit their mistakes and let go of it openly.

9. Some people don’t drink enough water.

— People in this category are always feeling exhausted and weak due to dehydration.

The good news is that all the issues mentioned in the scenarios above are within your power to control to your advantage, to create your own simple and peaceful world.
You can’t have it perfect – because this life wasn’t designed to be, but you can have it simplified.

O ni agbara lati fun ara e ni isinmi. You have the power to give yourself peace.


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