On Tithing and other things – But, are you in love?


When and if LOVE is the primal motif, the necessitation, obligation, compulsion, compelling, onus and troth of religious practices and tenets like tithing, takes the back seat.

This above, is a truth I’ve come to solidly accept; and it will form the basis for my thoughts here.

I read and watched from a distance as the debate about tithing clocked fever pitch in those months I was away, and I couldn’t just wait to contribute at least a hem of my understanding on the issue that shouldn’t really be an issue, per se.

Now, let’s go back a little – All scripture, according to the scripture, is given by inspiration of God || 2 Tim. 3:16 ||; in simple terms, this means that the Bible can be regarded as a compendium of godly wisdom and words written by men with sole inspiration from God.

Good. Okay.

But, is that it? Is that all? Can that be it? Can that be all? Has God stopped inspiring men to see and write more (new) of His word, ways and wisdom? I mean, can we say God is short of inspiration? I think the answer to this is ‘NO’. And, should He still be revealing more biblical-grade stuff to men? I believe ‘Yes’.

My thoughts on tithing and other tenets is based on this above – a revelation.

This revelation of love’s extent made me understand some truths about tithing and many other tenets of spiritual practice.

So, you tithe – what’s your “personal” reason for doing it?
So, you don’t tithe – also, what’s your “personal” reason?

To please God, to please your Pastor, to attract God’s blessings, to obey a tenet, to live long, to remain righteous, to not get poor, to not rob God (this always sounds funny to me) – these and more likes of “personal conviction/reasons” went rife amongst those who defended the tithing cause. For those who opposed, the personal conviction/reasons oscillated between a frown at sheepishly enriching pastors and atheism.

The subtle and/or absolute selfishness written over these personal reasons above, easily defeats the modem of Love that would have truly pleased and pleasured God. Love is only important to Him because it’s the only practice that needs no PERSONAL INTERPRETATION.

Like really? You think fulfilling a tenet either in fear of consequences like poverty or in pursuant of righteousness or any of the reasons above will move God’s hand for anything? That’s like insulting His grace!

I mean, people said stuff like, “Oh, I tithe because it works for me”. And if I were to construe that, one would assume that an average tither believes that tithing is one practice that works out the blessings, long life, protection, health, etc, that s/he has. But then, I ask as “HE” asked: For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not RECEIVE? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not? || 1 Cor 4:7 ||

Brethren, that Baba called God, tenets don’t move Him as I’ve grown to know by basic inspiration, only love does.

For example, as I quoted above, men (like you and me) wrote the Bible through inspiration from God. Mostly, these men weren’t the best or tenet-adherent ones; men who weren’t called to be used or inspired because of tipping righteousness derived from adherence to tenets, no, they were men who were broken, sinful, unrighteous, weak, not self righteous, etc, one was even a christian persecutor. They were met in that state and the word of God came through them by revelation, ONLY by God’s choosing and His non tenet-based love.

See, brethren, Grace is too ineffably big that dogmatic adherence to tenets and practices has no matter – no mass and occupies no space – in the grand scheme of things. No, don’t get me wrong, this Grace in its ‘bigness’ isn’t a cloak for vice or anyhowness, just that adherence to tenets isn’t the other option, rather, what works is a brokeness and contrition firmly rooted in the limitlessness of love…..|| Psalm 51:17 ||

…Such that the entire debate, both for and against the issue of tithing for example, really doesn’t matter.

Based on this revelation of love, I realize we needn’t name anything per se in effect. I learnt every practice or tenet’s maiden name should just be Love.

Love a fellow human being who does diligence to pastor a flock, and I will give to him from that pool of thought.

Love a fellow human being who is battling with a need and is probably just needy, and I will give a tenth and more to such from that pool of thought.

Love a fellow human being who is profoundly curious enough to present as an Atheist, and I won’t judge or eschew them by the colour of their curiosity.

…etcetera etcetera. They are “fellow human beings” first, so, love them, give to them when we have, all in the order of common love. “Common” used here deliberately because this love isn’t the esoteric in type.

This kind of Love is the one practice that will teach you how to lose your life in order to find your soul, such that you’ll be able to give a tenth (and more) of your humanity first and always, without getting caught in a back-and-forth of what to do with a tenth of your earnings. || Matt. 16:25 ||

And, I stick to this kind of boundless love that isn’t bound by adherence to tenets because I did learn from the best – this same Christ.

He is the one lover who never leaves the one behind. Oh yeah, He loves so boundlessly such that He leaves the “righteous, un-lost, seemingly upright and probably tithe-paying” 99 sheep alone to go in search of the “lost, wanton, seemingly uptown and probably non tithe-paying” 1 sheep. || Matt. 18: 12-14 ||

So call it anything, give it any echelon of importance, just ensure and let love be your only motivation.

Let love be your blindness
Let love be your clarity too
Let love be your only motivation
Let love be your sole intent
Let love be your prime tenet
Let love be your principal commandment
Let love be your personal choice;
…such that tithe (and other tenets) will just be a word,
…such that you won’t be in a self-bondage that decks fìlà skontolo and ties gèlè skentele,
….and, I believe, you’ll be fine, we’ll all be fine.

Sayo Aluko [aluksays2@gmail.com]

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