Our #ManCrushMonday is Michael B. Jordan’s entire family!


So ladies, are we still in the spiritual mode? Is it too early in the year to start checking out gorgeous men? Because we saw something that we thought might interest you.

You see, we have been using one kain eye to look at Michael B. Jordan for a hot minute now – ever since we saw him in The Wire and later in the 2015 release of The Fantastic Four, but we didn’t want to say anything on account of him being born in 1987 and none of us wanting to go to jail or hell for lustful thoughts.  I mean, just look at him:

Now, as though he knew we were suffering and smiling, the darling of a boy uploaded a picture on his Instagram late last year of the entire male members of his family. And…Jesus, Mary and Joseph, they is FINE!

It’s been a long time since we saw such a collection of chocolate goodness all under one roof; it’s a wonder the walls aren’t melting in that room!

What is perfect about this picture is that it’s yumminess through the ages. No more feeling bad about liking your son’s age-mate, you can just pick whichever one you feel is age-appropriate and roll with him instead:

Don’t say we’ve never done anything for you; we just give and give and give you cos that’s the sort of blog we are. You’re welcome.

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