Pastor holds a one-woman Twitter sermon on #SexualPerversion then promptly denies it


A perfectly nice looking Abuja pastor by the name of Sarah Omakwu woke up today and decided to turn her twitter page into her pulpit and Naija Twitterati into her congregation by sending out a whole bunch of tweets with the hashtag #SexualPerversion.

She had a lot to say. Some of it was “Yup, that makes sense”, some were “Hmmm,,,”, and the rest was just downright bonkers!

Bless her, she must have thought that Nigerians are just as holy in their daily lives as they are in church and would be open to a little bit of preaching on a fine Wednesday afternoon. Ooooh, she was wrong! People had things to SAY!

Prince Charles was first out the gate letting it be known that he isn’t down for the rough play at all:

and it just continued from there:

😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

The poor woman’s “attention was brought” to the fire she had started on Twirra and she promptly issued a denial of all the shenanigans:

Hmmmm…I can’t think why a troll would hack a pastor’s account and would counsel tirelessly on sexual perversions as opposed to posting porn or whatever, but then again, I clearly don’t know how these hackers work. Also, I have scrolled down through acres of tweets by her or her team, not a single one has been signed off as SO. Or perhaps she’s just going to start now.

Either way, now that you have all been shown the light, kindly adhere to it. Plix and thank you 🙂

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