Pastor see say power pass power! Goes numb while destroying traditional shrine


I don’t know if this story is true or just coincidence that promotes belief, but I PRAY it is true! These “Men of Gawd” will just be trying Sango and Orunmila anyhow and think there won’t be repercussions! I mean…if you believe Jesus is Lord, then that is cool and dandy. If you are #TeamMohammed, then that’s great too. But people need to learn to stay in their lane and understand that the traditional gods are important too. Obatala and Ogun are not always napping.

Not everyday Prophet Elijah and the name of Baal; not everyday the God that answereth by fire. Some days, the gods answer with thunder, iron, wrath and paralysis. And I say good for them! All y’all gon’ have to learn that you can’t mess with everything every time and get away with it.

Some Christian cleric, identified as Wale Fagbenro, reportedly claimed he was directed by the “Holy Spirit” to destroy the traditional worshippers’ shrine.

According to a witness, Mr. Fagbenro became “speechless‎ and motionless” upon entering the shrine‎. Haba, but this is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while! ????????

Note that priests of the shrine did not eschew our gods to follow Jesus. Understand that the worshippers at the shrine were on their own when this undercooked Elijah-wannabe decided that it is him that the Holy Spirit wanted to use. Also, please understand that the prophets in the Bible never EVER went out looking for trouble. They did not burn anybody’s property or taunt any other gods. Despite their disbelief in heathen gods, they STAYED IN THEIR LANE unless someone had something bad to say about Jahweh. But no, not our Nigerian pastors. Disability-provoking aproko lo ba de.

Now that the he-goat is paralysed, people went to disturb the priests in charge of the shrine. When they were approached, they declared that the cleric would only regain consciousness after some rituals were performed.

I’m confused though: Holy Spirit that sent him message could not take his disability away? What sort of half message did this Holy Spirit deliver sef? Just sent him into the shrine and then went back to playing X-Box or whatever it is this particular spirit does on his time off? Because this is no Holy Spirit, let me tell you. This is the height of joblessness and Mr Fagbenro got to understand the importance of minding your business.

Sadly (for me, but fortunately for Mr Fagbenro), the priests eventually treated the numb man after the traditional ruler of Aiyetoro, Abdulaziz Adelakun, intervened. This story is the gift that keeps on giving! So this man of God lay down and let them perform traditional rites on him? His desire to move overrode his allegiance to the Holy Spirit? What a wawuu!

I hear the police in Ogun State said on Sunday that the incident was reported to them. I can’t imagine what for; who is the police meant to arrest or what would a statement look like? Are we arresting Holy Spirit or Sonpona? This is not the type of case to involve the police. Authority has arrested accused; accused has served his time; he too, he wee not try heet hagain; everybody goes home happy!

Moral of this story? Yorubas say it is the name that we call somebody that elevates/speaks of them. When your name is Fagbenro – Ifa has made me stand strong – don’t then turn around and be an idiot. Nobody likes an idiot.

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