Personal Space in Relationships

Personal Space in Relationships

When ladies run out of excuses, you hear “it’s the hormones” (like men don’t have hormones too, lol). Hormonal spike that ended with a pregnancy from a decade ago, but y’all still be referencing it for things happening today. Some have even added a second justification for misdemeanours, “you know I’m on my period”!

Na wa o, seems like men need their excuses too. Luckily, some of us have been using these coded lines tay tay. “I’m stressed at work” or if in posh homes, you just blame it on midlife crisis.

The women are still bosses though, you think you’ve heard it all then they tell you “I’m sorry, it’s the menopause”. You people should fear God o!

You know what’s funny? These excuses are actually valid! Every single one of them. We operate a system where relationship and space are not friends. The moment you start to ask for space, then there is a problem and it only just results in you getting less space. This is because your partner is thinking there’s a problem and wants to be closer to address it.

Look, dear, there is nothing wrong. I just want to have some me-time to clear my head and refresh. Many women get irritated without warning. One minute everybody’s laughing; the next, she’s frowning without a defined reason. All because nobody thought to take personal breaks.

Whether male or female, we need time to be us. It has nothing to do with love or the lack of it. If a man wants to get time with his gadgets or hang with friends, watch football or whatever, you cannot tag along as a woman all the time. The same thing applies with women when they want to watch Telemundo and call their friends to talk (if we call am gossip now, na wahala).

It is very encouraging to find a woman showing interest in something her man does but come on! You cannot always make a man explain that Liverpool FC is not the team wearing blue especially at 2 goals down. Just the same way you cannot join a soap opera halfway through the season and make a lady explain the missed half while one episode is running.

This is not a round the clock setting; there has to be limits to the demand for space but you cannot be clingy 24/7. Healthy relationships include short periodic breaks and spaces.

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