Remi Adeoye vs Mike Ile: Facebook celebrity, the new internet fraud template


We were just about getting used to them “I am your aunty from Italy, my husband – your uncle, died and left you money” emails. Yahoo Yahoo don upgrade big time; it is now a matter of how many people you sabi for Zuckerville.

There is this fancy fluff about being a Facebook celebrity that seems appealing. Girls especially have repeatedly fallen prey. Now, it seems, we we have another case to tackle.

Mr. Remi Adeoye, a police personnel and social media business personality has accused Mike Ile of defrauding two women of 11 million naira! In this Buhariconomy?!

In the story which we are closely following, Mr. Mike Ile seems to have a long history of “date and dupe.” He must have either mastered the craft of seduction or some baba is using “ase” on his behalf. He even went after a woman who was on her sick bed waiting for surgery! This story gets sicker by the minute.

Fortunately, Mr Remi Adeoye has sworn to follow through with investigations as his duty. In his statement issued on Facebook he said:

“I have no vendetta in me; no personal quarrel with the guy. My aim is just to get justice for the victims he has ruined. Trusting women he turned to ATM and fleeced dry. Women he blackmailed and threatened and shamed into silence.

“I am not doing it as a favour. It is my duty. I have done same throughout my career of 28 years. I crave no reward or fame. Yet I have both in abundance. Divine blessings. Good health and peace of mind.  I am not moved by public acclaim and I am non-challant to public disdain. My cupboards are permanently open to public scrutiny. They are not places you can hide skeletons.

“I am not afraid of false and malicious attacks. I have instruments of the law to send those who employ that against me to jail.

“So I can do my duty without fear or favour. Without prejudice or sentiments.

I take pride in my job!”

We have some good Nigerians also rising to battle this new monster. It’s clear that evil reigns supreme but throughout our evolution as a people, there are also shining examples of dignity and grace like Mr Adeoye. If only more Nigerians would take after and emulate such devotion to justice, we would probably put ourselves forward as a great people.

The verdict is still unclear but, according to Mr. Adeoye, reports have been forwarded to the Inspector General of Police. Despite the negativity and attacks coming from several other social media personalities, he has vowed to seek redress for the victims of this social menace.

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