Riding on okada while your village people are blowing you breeze


You know that thing that makes you ping, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, tweet, Skype etc when you are on a bike? That is the sound of music being played by your village people. They just want to kill you.

Do you know you won’t die if you wait till you get to your destination? But you can die if you refuse to wait?

See, that chat or comment can actually wait. You don’t have to die because you want to chat with somebody on social media. Social media has got it self a stronghold in our minds that a lot of our actions and moods are being influenced by it.

This isn’t me acting perfect, I have also been guilty of this.There was a time I was busy chatting while riding on okada until it occurred to me that my village people were at work. I respected myself and stopped.

I agree that at some point we would all die but please don’t die an avoidable death. We still need you around.

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  1. Notin like village people blowing what ever its when you are stupide you die with a big question mark on your head and those who do not know will say its your uncle or grandmother or even your mom stupid things kill stupide people, dont drink and drive.

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