RIP: Our brave and gallant son and soldier, Capt. Amaju Jemide falls

Amaju Jemide


I spent the whole day wondering why this burden is so heavy. Why I can’t put it aside.

I spent the day trying to figure out what God is saying so clearly to us yet we cannot hear.

Times are indeed strange and each day feels more mysterious.

Yet we all go around so nonchalantly as if all is well.

Is all well?

Are there any sons of Issachar left in the land? Those who understand the times? Who know what Nigerian Christians ought to do?

A few days ago, I write on how unperturbed we seem to be taking these issues of persecution in Northern Nigeria because we feel we are not directly affected. Well, it seems God had other things planned out. And this one really did get my attention. I haven’t been myself all day.

So I have a habit of going through my phone first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake. I check for messages that need immediate response and read the news headlines.

I think I made a mistake to have checked my Facebook page too this morning.

The page was filled with posts of pictures and tributes to a young Capt Amaju Jemide. A soldier murdered by Boko Haram.

You know what? I grew up with Amaju Jemide in the Delta Steel Company Township, Ovwian-Aladja, Delta State. He was a few years younger though. I remember his dad was a tall, lanky man with a blue car then. They lived in the housing unit called Red House then. His mum was a pretty, every smiling Home Economics teacher. She taught at D.S.C. Model Primary Sch. 3. She was my late mum’s colleague at school. We had to walk past their house every time we walked to church and took the shopping plaza short cut (those who know D.S.C. Township well would understand this). They were dedicated Catholics. For a few years, Amaju was their only son, then his mum had his siblings much later, so Amaju was like the most popular of their kids. D.S.C was a place where everyone knew everyone. We were like one big Steel Family.

I didn’t even know young guys like Amaju had finished school, got married and joined the army. We all attended the D.S.C. Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools.

But today I am hit with the news that one of us, so close, so familiar is a casualty of all of this brutality.

It hurts. I cannot imagine what the family is going through at this time, but I pray that the Lord would comfort and console them.

How many more need to die?

Do we understand now that when it concerns Southern Kaduna, Northern Nigeria, it concerns all of us? Because our brothers and sisters are spread all around. And because they are our brothers and sisters?

Are there any intercessors left in the land? Any who share this burden? Any who feel this pain? Are there any who would stand in the gap?

Then please let us arise and pray fervently. Let us seek the mercy of the Lord for our nation, for our leaders, our brothers and sisters who are suffering in the face of persecution, let us pray for ourselves.

If we call, God will hear us. If we humble ourselves and pray, repent of our sins and seek for mercy, God will arise for us.

We can stop this pain, this brutality and death with our prayers, only with our prayers.

Let us pray!

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