Senator Boroffice guber ambition in disarray as EFCC beams searchlight on constituency project funds.


The much maligned governorship aspiration of the serving Senator representing Ondo North senatorial district, Senator Ajayi Boroffice, has been reportedly sent into jitters following a huge FG inquest into allegations of constituency funds mismanagement laid against some of the members of the legislative arm of government.

According to the report made public in the Punch Newspapers in a publication dated Monday, 22nd of August, 2016, the Attorney-general of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN), declined to give details “in order not to pre-empt investigation,” the AGF said the funds, the names of legislators and the constituency projects that were not executed would be made public after investigation.

He said his office and the law enforcement agencies had received complaints of how payments were made for constituency projects that were never executed.

He said, “The money for constituency projects had been taken, but certain allegations prevailed that some constituency projects were not executed after the money had been paid 100 per cent.

“If money is appropriated in the budget, paid and the projects the funds were meant for were not executed, it is only natural to take steps to find out what happened. If neither the money nor the project can be produced, then you must take steps in accordance with the law.

“There are cases that are specific; we are compiling them. I will not want to pre-empt investigation, we have to allow investigation to be concluded before we go public.”

Among the APC aspirants gunning for the gubernatorial ticket in Ondo, Senator Boroffice, Senator Alasoadura and Hon. Bode Ayorinde are presently serving legislators, but, while the trio are surely going to facing questions from the anri-graft body, Boroffice seems to be the only one that may be indicted in this 2014/2015 calendar probe as it was the years wherein he wrapped up his first term in office.

Consequent upon the news of this probe, feelers from within the Boroffice camp in Ondo suggest that the gubernatorial aspiration of the serving senator has suffered a major setback as some of the allegations have it that the funds diverted from the abandoned and untouched constituency projects are now being used to peddle his gubernatorial ambition.

It would be recalled that about weeks ago, a report containing a comprehensive list of abandoned and/or untouched constituency projects for which monies have been disbursed for already, was published in the Nation Newspaper dated Sunday, July 17, 2016, and it had almost 300 million naira unaccounted for in constituency funds under Senator Boroffice’s watch.

EFCC Boroffice
…the part of the report pertaining to Ondo, totalling up to 600 million in constituency project funds unaccounted for.


Efcc Boroffice

According the Punch newspaper report, the Executive Secretary of The Anti-Corruption Network, Ebenezer Oyetakin, urged the Federal Government to carry out a thorough probe.

“The constituency projects have become an avenue for the members of the National Assembly to recoup the outrageous money spent to run elections and to feed their corruption nest rather than serving the purpose they are defined to serve,” he added.

For it’s sacrosanct Anti-Corruption stance, the President Buhari government had warned that any public official, especially, legislators and APC members who are seeking to be elected into any other public office, must be subjected to objective scrutiny of stewardship before being cleared to contest.

With this impending detailed inquest, it is understandable if the camps of the three aspirants this points to, that is, Boroffice, Ayorinde and Alasoadura, are quite miffed with this probe, especially considering the fact that there are such unaccounted projects in their respective districts.

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  1. ‘I am Robert Ajayi Boroffice, your son, brother, uncle and teacher. By the help and to the glory of God, the Almighty and the Most Beneficent, I am a Professor, husband of a Professor, Father of professionals, a university don, the former Director General of National Space Research and Development Agency through which I journeyed to obit and since have a macroscopic and global view on how my State, Ondo, should be governed and a two-term Distinguished Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria. My gratitude to God knows no bounds for making it possible to have attained and achieved this great feat in life.

    Now, it is the time to give back to the society my wealth of experience and expertise in saving and salvaging our State from the antics and activities of her robbers and rapists by providing selfless, quality and good governance.

    In my little sojourn and journey in life, aspiration has distinguished me in many ways. My good people, there is still room for high adventure of attempting the impossible. All it takes is aspiration. Without it, rivers wouldn’t have been crossed, nor mountains ascended. Instead of braving the upper wings of the wind, man will still be crippling among the brutes that perish. By aspiration, the divers travelled to the bottom of the sea, astronauts ascended to the moon, the scientists made the world a global village and doctors recorded breakthrough in artificial sedimentation, hemispherelogy and head transplant. In short, by faith and aspiration, nothing shall be impossible. The same aspiration has led me to vie for the exotic seat of power in Ondo State to make our state industrially driven, self-reliant, employment-generated and opened up to international world by the establishment of sea port in Ondo State. I hope you lend me your support and solidarity to realize these aspirations.
    God bless Ondo State’.

  2. Has he been indicted? This is pure gossiping. Is he the specific senator that is being investigated? And must we condemn an innocent person based on speculation or unwarranted suspicion? Let’s always be objective in all our postings.

  3. Few weeks ago I said this man just have to account for his stewardship before thinking of proceed to contest for any post that is if the electorate and delegate discovered that you represent them well and not you imposing yourself on people thinking that be in that position nobody can checkmate or ask for your stewardship , before you know it all the constituent projects you embark on how far now your constituent need to confirm based on the allegation before you if you actually delivered what you collected from the National assembly for your people .hope you redistribute to the last man …….can you also present us their names . GOD BLESS YOU …..ON DO Ondo Trumpet God bless Ondostate Truthmaster God bless Ondo State Youth-Coalition Front nobody should should take us for a ride …… bless

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