Do You Shy Away From Marketing Your Business?


I know marketing can get cumbersome for us solopreneurs/small business owners but it is the lifeline of our businesses.

Marketing is to business what food is to our bodies.  If we do not market our businesses to the right target market then it is almost impossible for us to grow in sales and revenue.  We want to make sales right? Well I hope you do.  Even as a social enterprise, you want an increase in donations and awareness about your cause.

You need to regularly consider your marketing efforts and analyse the results you get. There is no point paying for costly marketing services if you are yet to explore what you can do by yourself to promote your business.

How often do you market your business weekly?   Is it an as-and-when task or are you dedicated to ensuring you give value to your current subscribers or followers and also court potential ones too.

This is My Marketing Schedule at the moment:

  1. 2 x Weekly Newsletter
  2. Promote online eCourses and eBooks weekly.  Download is automated and it helps to build my list of subscribers.  I am always pleasantly surprised when I wake up to notifications that someone has downloaded my eBook half way across the world.
  3. I use social media – predominantly Facebook and Twitter.  I schedule and post at least 3 times a day most times.
  4. I have decided to start using YouTube a bit more so I will post at least one video a month for now.
  5. I send personal emails to my clients as often as I can – just to remind them that I am thinking of them.
  6. I drop leaflets for my Business Steps 4 Women Group at strategic places and top them up once a month.  On the other side of the leaflets are details of Business First Steps services.
  7. I guest blog for two websites once a month.
  8. I intend to revive my love for article marketing and send at least 4 articles a month starting in August.
  9. I write and post 4 blogs a month (on a good month).
  10. I attend one networking meeting a month.
  11. I contribute to forums that host my target audience – at the moment it’s as and when I can.

These are some of the things I do to promote my business every week.  Without marketing your business, sales can’t grow and enthusiasm will dwindle.

You need to create a marketing plan and a schedule you can work with. Once you start marketing your business regularly, you will master the right technique and be able to do it automatically.  Give your business the chance to survive and revamp your marketing plan.  The Business Building Blocks will help you action your business tasks every week.  It offers accountability online to ensure you do what is needful to grow your business. Click here for more information.  Talk to me if you need help – this is what I am here for.

I wish you Business Blessings.

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